Mining Professionals Throughout Latin America Trust Equipo Minero for Mining News

Published in Spanish, Equipo Minero's Advertisers are Reaching the Most Important Producers Throughout Latin America

Equipo Minero - Mining professionals trust Equipo Minero for Mining News

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Latin America Represents Continuing Growth Opportunities for Manufacturers and Service Providers in the Mining Industry

Latin America represents one of the most vital mining regions. The region from the Tex-Mex border to the tip of South America is rich in natural resources. Chile is the world’s largest copper producer. More than half of the copper is produced by Codelco (Corporacion Nacional del Cobre), the state-owned mining company. Peru is the world’s largest silver producer and the No. 10 gold producing country. Although it’s known primarily for agriculture, Argentina represents a new frontier for mining in South America. Several new large scale Argentinean mines have opened in the last few years and many projects are on the books. Both Colombia and Venezuela have coal, gem stones and precious metals. Several new mining operations have opened in Central America. Farther to the north, Mexico has a very healthy mining industry that includes gold, silver, iron ore, base metals and coal. Estimates indicate nearly 70% of the Latin American land mass remains unexplored.

Many mining professionals (engineers, geologists and metallurgists) were educated in mining schools where English was the primary language and they read E&MJ. For many mid-level managers who were trained at the mine sites throughout Latin America, however, Spanish is the primary language and Equipo Minero was created to reach them.

Equipo Minero is published four times per year. It carries organic reports on mining and mineral processing operations as well as technical articles from E&MJ translated into Spanish. The magazine also carries news on the mines as well as the equipment and services they use. Equipo Minero has won many admirers throughout the Latin American mining sector and has quickly become a trusted source for technical information.


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Mary Lu Buse, West Region Sales Manager, Coal Age, E&MJ, Equipo Minero, The ASIA Miner

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