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Mining Media Website Advertising

Mining Media Applies its Proven Approach to Websites — Offering High-Quality Content for Free and Providing Marketers Another Means to Reach Mining and Mineral Processing Professionals Worldwide

The highest visibility and biggest canvas for your message, the Leaderboard banners are our most popular advertising option.

Boom Box
An cost-effective option offering nearly the same visibility as the Leaderboard Banner, the Boom Box boasts some of our highest click-through rates. There are three positions available: Top, Center and Bottom.

Advertising opportunities are available on all Mining Media websites. Ad availability is targeted for 7,500 to 10,000 impressions per advertiser per month. For site traffic details, contact your sales representative. | | | | | |

Fresh Look. Superior Functionality.

Mining Media’s sites, including,,,, www.asiaminer. com,, and, feature regular news updates, online versions of publications, and features designed to engage readers and encourage repeat visits. With designs optimized for delivery across desktop and mobile platforms, these are sites that reach your target audience wherever they are.

Electronic advertising continues to be an affordable way to strengthen your brand and initiate interaction with potential customers. As our readers move toward gathering news and information online, it’s also an outlet that you can’t afford to neglect.

Let us help you craft a marketing plan that includes print and electronic promotions along with relevant events and directories.

Mining Media Electronic Website Advertising Rates

Reach a Worldwide Market With Mining Media’s Weekly News Services

Mining Media Electronic News

Mining Media’s Weekly News Services Cover the Market Segments that You Need to Reach

Mining Media’s print products are published monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or annually. Oftentimes, important news breaks or regulatory decisions are made that affect readers and they need to be informed more frequently. To accommodate that need, Mining Media publishes an electronic newsletter for each of its titles. For companies doing business in the industry, this provides a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and promote products and services directly to decision-makers.

Over the years, Mining Media has amassed extensive information on readers including email addresses. The company has developed a targeted list of people who want to receive enewsletters. The E&MJ weekly news service will reach mining engineers, metallurgists and geologists on a worldwide basis. Each week, the Coal Age weekly news service will reach coal mining and preparation professionals. The weekly news service for Equipo Minero will reach front line managers throughout Latin America in Spanish. The weekly news service for The ASIA Miner serves the Asia-Pacific region with a Chinese component. The aggregates industry is covered with Concrete Currents and Breaking Rock News weekly news services, Cement Newsline and Frac Sand biweekly news services.

Designed to Give Advertisers Great Messaging Visibility
Designed with short article teasers, clear links, and simple designs to ensure clean delivery no matter what email client the subscriber is using, our enewsletters ensure that advertising will be noticed by the readers. Mining Media’s wide range of newsletters give advertisers a great platform for branding and action-driven messaging.

New Adaptive Design Ensures Cross-platform Deliverability
Our latest email design features adaptive technology to ensure that your message is optimized for viewing on smart phones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktops. With the increasing popularity of mobile browsing, it’s important to know that your message is still getting through. With a selection of affordable options, extensive circulation, and an engaged audience, these newsletters offer some of the best ROI of any electronic advertising vehicles in the industry.

Sponsored Image With Text

Your logo or other image up to 200 x 200 pixels in size and a short headline, a link to your site, and a message limited to 75 words. This is a popular option for occasions where a more traditional banner ad may not offer the space to fully convey your message. A proven way to drive traffic.

Full Banner

The highest visibility and biggest canvas for your message, the Full Banners are a popular advertising option particularly for branding efforts.

Square Button

Our least expensive option still offers exceptional visibility and placement in the Mining Media electronic newsletters.

Mining Media Electronic News Advertising Rates

New, Customized Email Opportunities

Access just the right audience for your goods and services with an email targeted to our engaged industry professionals. Comprised of subscribers to our extensive newsletter lists, these custom emails are economical and effective. For prices and a custom quote, call your salesperson today.

Imagine the Marketing and Promotional Possibilities

With this chance to bring your message to a new audience, you can send a wide
variety of messages:

  • Corporate announcements
  • Scheduled events
  • Whitepaper downloads
  • Catalog downloads
  • Product videos
  • New product announcements
  • Surveys
  • Branding messages
  • Contest and promotions

Email Specifications

  • Width 500-650px
  • Deliver content in an html file. We cannot accept Word docs, Outlook forwards, pdfs, or pure images (jpg, gif, png, bmp).
  • Create designs with tables and inline styles.
  • Use absolute links for all images (ex:img src=””) OR provide all images separately for hosting on our server.
  • Eliminate spaces and non-standard characters from image names and link urls.
  • Include unsubscribe text and link in the html file, or specify wording, link, and placement of unsubscribe text.
  • Please test and view the html file before sending it to us. This includes ensuring your copy is correct, all images display properly and all links work.
  • Please beware that not all email clients display animated gifs or flash files. The most important information should always be included in the first frame of the artwork.
  • Please be as specific as possible with special directions. i.e., tracking pixels.

Contact your sales representative for more information.