Which Magazine is Right For You?

With Mining Media, you can spend more time on creative and less time on managing complex advertising plans. Mining Media publications serve a wide range of industries around the world. With such a diverse line up of magazines, we can help you craft a plan to reach your target audience on an international scale. This also gives us the flexibility to ensure that you'll get an easy-to-manage, one-stop shop for your advertising needs.

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2016 Coal Handling & Storage


Frac Sand Insider



Sumatra Miner 2016





Haulage & Loading 2017


Longwall USA 2017




The Importance of BPA Audits

Make sure your ad dollars are spent well!

BPA B2B magazine auditsALL MAGAZINES ARE NOT EQUAL. Most of the Mining Media International magazines are BPA audited to provide legitimate and independent verification of circulation. The subscribers you most want to reach are those that actually request and read the publications.

Other magazines may promise wider circulation or international distribution, but without independent verification, can you trust those claims? With Mining Media, you can be sure that your marketing message is reaching its subscribers.