Connecting People & Businesses in the Dynamic Mining Industry in Indonesia

Djakarta Mining Club will be fostering of bilateral business but will have as its primary function to promote sustainable minerals production through the education of the masses, through promotion of ongoing exploration and through planned and ongoing dialogue between stakeholders in the mining industry conducted in a non-threatening Safe and conducive environment.

Djakarta Mining Club Commitee Members

Chairman : Mr. Noke Kiroyan
Vice Chairman : Mr. David Duffy and Mr. Ben Lawson
Secretary General : Mr. Budi Santoso
Secretary and Treasurer : Mr. Dimas Abdillah
Steering Commitee : Mr. Jefri Sormin, Michael Finnegan / Daniel Butt (Leighton), Darren Nelson / John Mitchell (Weir Minerals), Paul Baker (Reed Panorama Exhibition)

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